Thank you for your interest in The Little English School located in Plzen.  Our small home-atmosphere school provides an excellent caring environment for pre-school age learning.  Our maximum class size of six children per day provides the best learning experience for each child. 
 Children up to age 6 have a great deal of activity in the parts of the brain which process speech so these early years are the ideal time to make great strides in acquiring vocabulary in a first and second language.  The small size of our school allows the individual attention that is so important for each child in this stage of learning.
Our program allows children to learn and grow at their own pace by providing them with activities that are both interesting and challenging.  Each child is very special, with their own personality and individual needs.  We consider the interests of children and design a program that satisfies their natural curiosity and need to learn about their world.
We enjoy helping children become independent and self confident through structured activities and interacting together as a group as well as individual selection of manipulative activities. We have found that children express themselves through art and music, so our program includes:

Music and movement
Arts and crafts
Language education
Outdoor education

We enjoy visiting the parks, gardens, forest areas and wonderful nature that is nearby and taking regular walks to observe the outdoors.

Parents are the most important influence in a child's life. The greater a parent's communication with the teachers and involvement with their child's education, the greater will be the child's opportunity to grow and learn, both at home and at school.

We are here to provide a loving, supportive, quality learning environment and education for your child.